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Cheshire Regiment 2 Lt. Mess Jacket, c. 1930
Scarlet jacket. Buff roll collar, cuffs, and shoulder straps. BiMetal collar badges. Gilt rank badges.
Size 40. VGC.
Middlesex Regiment Captain's Mess jacket, c. 1920
Scarlet tunic. Scarlet roll collar and shoulder straps. Yellow round cuffs with 4 small buttons arranged horizontally, leading to 4 vertical braid "button holes". 4 buttons and button holes in front. Size 38. GC (Silk lining shot, small moth traces).
$3995 for the ensemble
Prussian Pionier Battalion von Rauch (Brandenburg) Nr. 3 Officer’s Uniform and Sword, c. 1910.
a. Tunic
Medium blue with black velvet stand-up collar and cuffs. Piped scarlet. Silver buttons. Rich silver-embroidered General Staff type Litzen on collar and cuffs. Size 42L. Medals in picture are not included.
b. Epaulettes with Box
Red epaulettes with silver half-moons and lace. A gilt number 3. Green box marked F. Damaschke Berlin.
c. Trousers
Black, size 36.
d. Sash
Silver/black knit with 12 inch silver/black tassels.
e. Infantry Officer’s Sword
30.5 inch in double-fullered plain blade by Weyerberg, Solingen. Fire gilt double-side engraved guard. Silver portepee. Black single ring scabbard. Fish-skin grip, wrapped with twisted gilt wire. Fine gilt WR cypher. All items in VGC.

$2600 for the ensemble
Complete Canadian Guards Uniform w/ Sword & 2 hats
Description of uniform.

Description of sword.

Description of hat

(See also BCH.RCR Royal Canadian Regiment Field Officer's No. 1 Dress Cap formerly owned by same officer Bill Remple of the RCR, later transferred to the Canadian Guards.)